Saturday, March 31, 2012


The Marathon Trilogy. Ah, yes. It came with my first computer, all three of the games. And a cheating program that my younger self made full use of. It's free now, so I've been playing it recently, and it is a lot different without infinite ammo for all of your crazy alien weaponry/killing instruments. I've found myself enjoying it sans god power though, so it really has stood the test of time for me.

For those into the Halo series it's interesting to note that this was Bungie's 2nd FPS, and when they ported it to Apple's Pippin it became their first ever console game.

If you want it, get it here. It's pretty cool.

Chex Quest

I think I'm going to start playing this game again. I first got it in a box of Chex when I was little, and at the time I'd just been told I couldn't play Doom (for some reason my grandma's computer came with Doom 2). I started playing this and I was just like, "I ain't even mad."

It was the first video game to ever come in a box of cereal. One of many firsts my generation has born witness to. Basically you run around with a spoon and kill evil green blobs, in a very similar fashion to Doom.  It doesn't seem like much, but when you're a kid starved for video games it is pure JACKPOT. I spent so many hours in their fictional cereal world that I would be ashamed if I weren't an intensely proud gamer.

Friday, March 30, 2012

You know you want it

R2D2 Xbox 360 with built-in projector. It even makes R2's bleeps and blops when you turn it on or off.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

The cocktail consists of half a shot glass full of peach schnapps, with Bailey’s Irish Cream poured on top. Once the shot is almost full, a small amount of blue curacao is added, and once that settles, a small splash of grenadine tops the drink off.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bronx Sniper


I'm so hungry. Instant quesadilla:

1. Tortilla
2. Cheese
3. Cilantro
4. Salsa

Combine, then melt cheese. Unfortunately all I have is tortillas, so I'll be eating the paper of the food kingdom tonight.

B2k Patch Help

The newest patch for Battlefield 3 (on PS3) requires that if you have the DLC Back to Karkand you need to re-download it. I had no problems with the patch, but every time I went to re-download B2K it froze, resulting in a 15 minute system restore every time. The only way I found to get around this (if you're having this problem) is to go to your download manager in your Account Management under the Playstation Network tab and download it from there.

360 Controller Fix

If you're having trouble with your Xbox 360 controller staying on, try taking out the battery pack and bending the metal tab on the back out. Also pull the springs that touch the batteries up with a screwdriver (knife, scissors, whatever). Alternately those controllers have bad battery indicators. Sometimes all you need are new batteries, even if it says you don't.

I don't have a 360 myself, but I saved my friends $60 they'd have spent on new controllers with these methods. I'm a PS3 man myself.

Some tips

Dog bites can be pretty nasty, I learned yesterday. If you find yourself in a post-dog attack situation be sure to clean to clean the wound with warm soap and water immediately. Antibiotic cream and some bandages and I was good to go. Luckily didn't get bit too bad, otherwise medical treatment might have been necessary.

Anyway, I'll be sharing helpful tips I've picked up. I picked this one up just yesterday..