Monday, April 2, 2012

PS3 controller to PC

I had a little trouble figuring this out, so I wanted to help anyone else having a hard time. There have been a couple ways I've seen it work, the first I came across was MotioninJoy. This works for some friends of mine, but sadly I had to look elsewhere to establish a connection between my controller and computer.

After much searching I came across an alternative.

Everything you need is here.

Install libusb and then plug your controller in. After this, run ps3sixaxis_en. It will open and close. Now it should work! If it still doesn't, do what I do and run ps3sixaxis_en three or for times while pressing the PS home button as many times as you can while it's up.

Happy gaming! I enjoy using my Playstation controller to play a lot of games on my computer. Figured it was going to be a lot cheaper than buying a PC gamepad, especially since I have a few of these laying around all the time.


My friend was talking to me the other day about how his brother would always tell on him. I thought about it, and not once did my brother ever snitch on me. We would fight, rip each other's hair out, call each other names (the only one that made him mad was butt-butt) and generally just hate one another, but we never snitched. I know he's got real good dirt on me, but even when he's raging so he hard his face turns red, he won't rat me out. I think that's part of what a good friendship is, putting the people you care about above your immediate concerns no matter how mad you are at them.

Anyway, I thought about that and it made me proud. My brother and I still get mad at each other, but we're pretty freaking tight, and I can say the same thing about a lot of my friends. I'm glad to have all of them around.